What is WariKen

 Written by seeba Aug 31, 2010

Wariken is a stopwatch application (primarily) designed for Animators and Animation directors.

Three types of stopwatches are included.
 1. 6 seconds per lap
 2. 12 seconds per lap
 3. 30 seconds per lap
Please go to the iOS settings to change the types of the watch. Every watch shows one second by 24 frames.

The operation is simple.
Tap the [START] button to start.
Tap the [STOP] button to stop.
Tap the [RESET] button to reset.

While the clock is running, you can get the lap time by tapping anywhere on the clockface.
After stopping the measurement, you can check the maximum of 1000 past records by tapping “<” or “>” button.

Screen images


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